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Ergology Ergonomics


Optimize productivity and well-being in and out of the office 

Ergonomics is about more than an ergonomic piece of equipment. It takes customization and the integration of knowledge, posture, and movement for the people using it. And, feeling your best at your workstation boosts productivity because you are not distracted by pain or fatigue. 


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we carefully calibrate to each individual by looking through the lens of their specific experience—physically, mentally and emotionally, combined with their work flow—and match the workstation to those needs. We educate in sound technique and behavioral habits to promote well-being both in and out of the "office".


We also train employees and teams on body mechanics to empower healthy work habits that optimize productivity and well-being.

Customized Ergonomics Evaluations

Full Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Best suited for employees with current injury concerns or as a preventive measure.

  • We observe how employees operate at their workstation, then identify and correct as many factors as possible. 

  • We provide a full report with specific recommendations within one week.

  • Injury prevention training and body mechanics are emphasized along with healthy habits to promote continued optimization.

  • Evaluation performed either virtually or onsite 


(60 Minutes)

Brief Onsite/Virtual Evaluation

  • Ideal for fitting recently purchased chairs and/or desks to your employees’ ergonomic needs.

  • Evaluations include fitting the workstation to the employee, education in sound positioning, body mechanics and helpful behavioral habits.

  • Assessment includes a brief report of adjustments made and any recommended equipment.

  • Please note: This evaluation is for a minimum of two employees with adjustable equipment and no injuries.


(30 minutes)

Somersault Wellness Office Ergonomics
Body Mechanics Training with Somersault Wellness

Body Mechanics Training

  • Perfect for groups of employees with no or minimal work related injuries.

  • Training is specific to the task and movement requirements of your setting.

  • This training educates employees about sound posture, workstation positioning, body mechanics and equipment set-up and adjustment.

  • Information covered in this interactive training will help change habits that often lead to injury both at work and at home.

(45-60 minutes)

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