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Ergology Helps Seniors Stay At Home Safely


Fall prevention and safer homes for optimal independent living

Every 14 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall-related injury. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for adults 65 years of age and older.

Because of this, fall prevention awareness and training is crucial.


Living in a safer environment and minimizing the personal factors that increase fall risk can empower people to thrive. Thriving means really living - physically, socially and mentally, and for many aging people, living independently for as long as possible.


Our home safety assessments, performed by an Occupational Therapist, go well beyond the home checklist because many falls happen in the community. We screen for individual factors that contribute to falls such as strength, mobility, balance, and cognition. We will uncover possible risk factors along with easily implementable solutions to create a safer environment and raise awareness of personal factors that can be addressed to improve function and independence within the home.


Our fall prevention classes are interactive, with a focus on empowering participants to take an active role in their safety—which can mean the difference between living an active and engaged life or a limited one.

If you are in a setting with older adults, our fall prevention classes can have a critical impact on their safety.


If you or a loved one has sustained a fall, is fearful of falling, is having balance or mobility issues or wants to gain the confidence to be more active at home and in the community, a home safety assessment can be a vital step toward independence.


There are myriad ways to prevent falls that are in the control of each person. This class centers around things people can start doing today to increase their awareness and safety around falls. With the application of this information, people have the confidence to live with more freedom and independence. 

Fall prevention classes are a great way to educate groups of people. These can be conducted at your location or online.

Please contact us for details and scheduling.


This comprehensive evaluation in your home includes noting all possible safety issues and scenarios surrounding fall risk specific to you and your home. We go beyond the typical checklists and consider strength, balance and other personal factors that can increase your risk of a fall. Any modifications that can be made at the time of assessment will be made.  A detailed report will follow the evaluation within one week and will include recommendations on specific equipment if needed.

(60 minutes)

$300 within 10 miles of Green Lake, Seattle

additional fee for travel beyond 10 miles

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