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Ergology Helps You Move with More Vitality


Optimize your movement and function to achieve and surpass your goals

Functional movement coaching is personal training with an emphasis on function. Our sessions focus on your specific functional goals and how to optimize movement to achieve and, often times, exceed them.


Consider your body—physical, mental and emotional. Not the body you used to have, or want to have, but where you are now. Everyone has a history—and for many it can include injuries, trauma or limitations. Limitations in strength, motion, emotion, mindset or even space (mental or physical space) can make it difficult to know how to start an exercise program and how to advance it to meet a desired goal. We are different from other online workouts because we take into account your starting point and  specific conditions rather than just your goals.  


Our programs emphasize a positive mindset, sound body mechanics, correct form and evidence-based design. We help optimize your sleep habits, nutrition and hydration because it will make your effort more effective. We develop a program that is optimal for your body, your desired goals, your equipment and time available. With the right coaching, increasing strength, balance, mobility and function are well within reach. We consider the whole person and support you on your journey to a more functional life.

1:1 Training Sessions 

Individualized Coaching
  • Best for clients of all levels who want accountability and motivation during their workout.

  • Each session is designed with your unique goals and profile in mind and includes finely tuned activities, challenges and modifications.

  • Form is closely monitored to ensure movements are done correctly.

  • Sessions performed either virtually or on-site.

Please note: An initial session is required to review your medical history, establish goals and perform a movement assessment.

55 minutes


Prepaid package of 10 discount $130/session


  • Improve your physical strength, flexibility and postural awareness via mat-based training using the Stott technique.

  • This workout emphasizes core strength, stabilization and muscle balance while creating a mind-body connection.

  • Sessions are customized to your goals, level of experience and equipment.

  • Sessions performed either virtually or on-site.


55 minutes


Prepaid package of 10 discount $130/session

Pilates with Somersault Wellness

Monthly Programs

On-site movement coaching with Somersault Wellness

This is for clients who have trained 1:1 with Somersault Wellness in the past and are motivated to perform workouts independently.

  • This is a customized workout plan according to your goals, not an app with pre-populated fields.

  • Each monthly training block is introduced in a virtual or onsite session to ensure you understand the exercises, have proper form and to make modifications if needed.

  • Includes 4 weekly email check-ins for modification to program as needed.

  • Includes one 30 minute 2-week video/phone check-in. 


Please note: An initial session is required to review your medical history, establish goals and perform a movement assessment. This is waived for clients who have had 1:1 sessions within the past 6 months.


Initial session $275

Monthly $375

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