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Awaken Your Power

To Heal. To Grow. To Step Into The Unfamiliar.

The UnshakableMe™ Foundations program guides you toward creating your UnshakableMe—an unwavering belief and trust in yourself—to meet doubts and fears with courage and clarity.

To let go of the stories, beliefs and patterns that don't serve. To become connected, vibrant, and confident. To feel more joy, freedom and possibility. To create the life you envision.


  • Feel stuck in the same repeating patterns?

  • Feel disempowered or burned out?

  • Struggle with your health, self-esteem or body image?

  • Find yourself in an unfulfilling career, but lack the time or energy to start again?

  • Want the freedom to find purpose and live a meaningful life without the guilt?

  • Want a different now, a better future, and lasting change?

  • Feel trapped under the weight of deprioritizing yourself in the service of others?


What if you could create the life you dream about?

  • A life unbound by limited beliefs.

  • A life where you create the narrative.

  • A life built upon an unshakable belief in yourself—that you are enough, and have a far greater capacity than you realize.

  • A life where you feel safe to take risks into the unknown.

  • A life free from the negative stories inherited and created over years.

  • A life where your voice is free.

  • A life filled with joy and abundance. 

  • A life where you step into your power and purpose.


A New Paradigm Awaits. 

Our thoughts have power. Our beliefs have power. WE have power.

Yet we give it away freely.

We let our thoughts and beliefs undermine it.

We let others define it.

UnshakableMe™ is for people who want to connect with it and expand.


This program is not a quick fix—tools, techniques or tips that promise to change your life in 5 minutes a day. It is not a prescriptive list of practices—it is deeply personal and can create profound change in your life. It requires you to invest time and exploration in yourself for the best outcome.

UnshakableMe™ Foundations is an eight-week online evidence-based program following the seven pillars of creating your UnshakableMe. It is a blend of cognitive behavioral training, reflection, neuroplasticity, somatics, and nervous system regulation. Each weekly module is a mix of video lessons, exercises and integrative action steps to apply the concepts for learning, and to develop habits that promote growth and change. There are also audio meditations and other supportive resources.

Not everyone is right for this program.

Not everyone is ready for this program.

But, for people who are sick of being stuck in the status quo, who want to choose a different path, and are READY for deep change from the inside out, transformation is waiting for you. 

**UnshakableMe is NOT a trauma healing program. There are lots of other programs that are specifically targeted toward trauma—this is not one of them.

Included in the program is complimentary access to the UnshakableMe Community—a place to support each other, share your stories, triumphs and challenges, and join live Q and A sessions with Heidi.

Creating your UnshakableMe will:

  • Awaken your power to choose a different path.

  • Wake up to automatic patterns keeping you blocked and stuck.

  • Liberate yourself from limiting stories and re-write your own narrative.

  • Create an energizing vision for your life—one that inspires you, that you can't stop thinking about. 

  • Elevate your relationships—with yourself, others and the world.

  • Achieve clarity to make conscious choices toward joy, creativity, and purpose.

  • Exercise a growth mindset and habits that support it.

  • Expand self-awareness and lower reactivity with a more balanced nervous system.

  • Discover authenticity and courage in your vulnerabilities.

  • Build a trust and belief in yourself to boldly step into the unknown.

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Create Your UnshakableMe

Investment: one payment of $379.00

Doors open for the online UnshakableMe™ Foundations program May 24, 2024. Join us!

UnshakableMeFoundations—Week By Week

Module One

The Power of Stories


What are the stories narrating your life? What stories are keeping you limited and repeating the same patterns year after year? Stories have the power to transform your life. 

The process of building your UnshakableMe starts with examining your stories.

What People Say

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I was blown away by Heidi's knowledge, passion, and vulnerability of what it takes to truly shift your life (and life circumstance) through the power of thought. As someone who has OD-ed from self-help type books and thinking, I found her course not only approachable but also transformative. Each module was presented with both scientific proof and personal experience. She is a living testimony that what we think can influence how we feel and respond. It's so simple and attainable, but you need the right modalities and proof-of-concept. Heidi has both and then some. I recommend this class to anyone who is facing everything from negative thinking to chronic illness. Heidi is in your corner every step of the way." —Susan T.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I am so glad that I took Heidi’s informative UnshakableMe program because it deepened and broadened my mindfulness practice. Through Heidi’s teachings I was able to identify beliefs and habits that had me stuck and I learned proven ways to grow and change. I value Heidi’s teaching approach, breadth of experience, shared personal journey, and that she provided evidence based research to support her program content.  Participating in the program gave me a practical skill set and a clear mindset that I continue to apply to resolve problematic areas in my life.  Positive lifestyle changes, a deeper connection to others, the environment, and myself, and being more present and grateful resulted.  I enjoyed listening to Heidi and appreciated the sound guidance and support she provided.  I highly recommend taking the UnshakableMe program!"

Meet your instructor—Heidi Blackie


I was stressed out, overwhelmed, depleted and was living beyond my limits—for years— until I got sick. I battled multiple chronic illnesses for 13 years—and still do. Every day was about survival. I lost all belief in myself and my body to heal, to find a path forward and return to a "normal" life. What I didn't realize, is that my decision to commit to belief in myself and releasing stuck patterns revealed an unshakable power that not only helped me heal, but has transformed my life—experiencing more joy, confidence and energy than I have ever had.

During my 25 years as an Occupational Therapist, I have helped thousands of people heal and find their power to recover their lives. We all have the capacity to live from a place of inner freedom, and transformation is possible for anyone who is ready. I want to help everyone find their UnshakableMe.



What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the UnshakableMe™ Foundations program is a one time payment of $379.00.

How much time do I need to set aside each day to work on building my UnshakableMe?

It is recommended that you set aside at least 30 minutes a day to do the Integrative Action Steps. Some steps are woven into your day (such as being mindful) and others require scheduled time (such as journaling or meditation). Lesson videos are between five and thirteen minutes and can be added where time allows. Plus any time you spend in the Community and Live Sessions. 

Is there a refund?

Due to the highly personal work required for this program, no refunds are given.

How long do I have access to the program?

The program is intended to take eight weeks. But, because everyone is in different places in their journey, you will have access to the program for six months after purchase. 


How long do I have access to the community?

You will have complimentary access to the UnshakableMe community for twelve weeks after purchase of the program. 

Don't wait to get started with the next chapter!

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