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Somersault Wellness provides customized programs in
Ergonomics, Stress Resilience Training, Home Safety and Fall Prevention for Aging Adults and Functional Movement Coaching

Our Ergonomics and Body Mechanics Training are onsite or virtual. We optimize the workstation to fit client needs and educate on posture and habits to promote well-being and productivity—both at work and in life. Body mechanics training specific to your setting can be for individuals or groups.


Our Stress Resilience Training is for people who want to change their relationship with stress for lasting benefits. More Americans are suffering from stress-related conditions than ever before, and stress impacts all aspects of our lives. Stress increases the risk of injury and workplaces that implement programs to reduce stress have higher collaboration, retention and engagement. This training is evidence-based with in-class exercises. 


We champion independence and fall risk reduction so people can age-in-place through our Home Safety Assessments and Fall Prevention Classes.  Home Safety Assessments include investigation of potential personal and environmental risk factors and solutions to optimize safety and maximize function. Our fall prevention class, Stepping Confidently, focuses on actionable steps participants can take to reduce their risk of falls at home and in the community.


Our Functional Movement Coaching programs work 1:1 with clients on setting realistic, measurable functional goals. We create and adapt our programs according to the changing needs of our clients, and incorporate mindset, coordination and cognitive focus in all of our trainings. 


All of our programs are customized to empower people to thrive. They programs are successful because we listen, assess, and individualize our approach to each client's specific needs, and follow up to ensure the effectiveness of our interventions. Our certifications in Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy, Strength and Conditioning and Pilates mean that we are held to a high standard of conduct and must stay current on the evolving research in the areas we specialize. The integration of knowledge and experience from over 20 years of practice underlies every service performed.

We strive to schedule services within 1-2 weeks of contact

In order to provide the highest quality experience focused on your specific needs, we do not bill or contract with insurance companies.  


Home Ergonomics

Customized ergonomic evaluations for individuals and groups.

Body mechanics training specific to your needs. 


This training informs participants of the effects of stress, empowers them to change patterns of reactivity and teaches evidence-based practices for lasting benefit.

Training provided for groups onsite or virtually. 

stress balls


Assessments that go beyond environmental hazards and consider the whole person and their specific function in their home. 

Interactive classes with information that can be applied immediately to start reducing fall risk factors.

Aging Adult Couple at Home


Somersault Wellness Offers Functional Movement Coaching

We help optimize function in all aspects of living. This means having the strength, balance, mobility and endurance to move with ease, safely increase your level of activity and move mind and body beyond what may have previously been out of reach. 

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